How to use MadhurBela.com?

  1. Fill online Registration Form
  2. Choose appropriate Membership Plan
  3. Make Payment
  4. Profile validation by MadhuBela.com Team
  5. Search for matching profiles
  6. Get the contact information of interesting profiles




  1. The Registration form contains many fields, is it necessary to fill all of these fields?
    => Grab this opportunity to Express yourself!  More information you provide about yourself, your interests, etc. more is the chance that other people understand you more clearly.

  2. What is Partner Expectation?
    => Everyone has some expectations about his/her life partner. Writing it down helps other people to understand what all things you are looking from your life partner. This is yields better match making.
    Just check out our exlusive feature of Recommendations which also uses this information to help you in your search for special one.

  3. I have completed the registration form. Still I see a message saying “Profile under Verification”. What should I do?
    => MadhurBela.com Team does verification of the profiles and payments. This is to ensure that only authentic profiles are allowed to use the website.

  4. I completed the registration process and my profile has been verified. Now I am not allowed to edit my name or gender. Why?
    => This is to prevent any user from manipulating his/her identities and harming other registered users from incorrect identity. Hence MadhurBela.com does not allow any one to modify their name or gender after they have entered it during registration process.
    If you think there was genuine typographical mistake while entering this information during registration, get in touch with us via email.

Finding matches

  1. How can I find the profiles which match my criteria?
    => Use different types of search methods available for registered users. This include:
    Quick Search, Advanced Search, Search by Profile ID, Search by Location

  2. I found some profiles of my interest. How can I contact them?
    => Click on the option "Request Family/contact Information" present on the left hand side of the profile page to get the contact details of the corresponding profile

Membership Plans

    1. What all different membership plans available on MadhurBela.com?
      => Refer to Membership Plans page for more details



  1. Will I get Printed Magazine containing the profiles?
    => No, MadhurBela.com believes in “Go Green” initiative to save environment.  Hence MadhurBela.com does not provide any printed Magazines.